The Woodard Award

Named after the late Bob Woodard, Honorary Life member, it is awarded each year for an article published in the annual Bulletin of the Society which is deemed by independent judges to have contributed significantly, by the quality of its research and the clarity of its communication, to increasing the knowledge of the history of Tewkesbury and District. The award is a silver bowl with the names of winners inscribed upon it and a medal for the winner to keep.The independent judges, who report to the AGM, have been David Aldred, local author & Head of History at Cleeve School, Nicholas Kingsley, County Archivist, John Loosley, Chairman of the Gloucestershire Community Council for History & David Evans, Author, Academic and Broadcaster. John Loosley has now retired and has been be replaced by Dr. Steven Blake.

The Woodard Award Winners are:

(The result is always announced at the AGM of the year following publication.)

Year Winner Title Bulletin  Year

John Dixon & Barbara Jones

From Howell's to Hollams [and on to Canada]! Vol.26 2017

Judy Dwyer

'Notorious Highwayman of Tewkesbury'!

From Tewkesbury to Tasmania

Vol.24 (2015)

Vol.25 (2016)

2016 Karen Banks The Ownership of Goods and Cultures of Consumption in Ludlow, Hereford and Tewkesbury, 1660-1760 Vol.24 2015
2015 Derek Benson Ripples from the French Revolution in Tewkesbury Vol.23 2014
2014 Tom Wilkinson, B.A. Did the Purchase of Tewkesbury Abbey Reflect 

the Continuation of Traditional Catholic Belief?

Vol.22 2013

Mick Wilks

Tewkesbury's Home Guard (Parts 1&2)



2012 Jim Freeman Phd. Neville's Post-War Preoccupations Vol.20 2011
2011 Cliff Burd Life Achievement Award
2011 Derek Benson Chartism in Tewkesbury and District Vol.19 2010
2010 Sam Eedle

"Adieu with Bangs and Whistles" 

the Last Passenger Rail Service to Tewkesbury Station 1961 

Vol.18 2009


Adrienne Roche, B.Ed. "George Dyson (1850-1932)"? Vol.17  2008


Janet Devereux, B.A. "A Land of Hope and Glory"? Vol.16  2007
2007 John Dixon, M.Phil. Tewkesbury’s Obsession with Nelson? Vol.15 2006
2006 Derek & Cath Round Tewkesbury Pioneer in Transport Vol.14 2005
2005 Sam Eedle The Abbey Boys in the Terriers Vol.13 2004
2004 John Dixon, M. Phil. Tewkesbury's First - and Forgotten - Railway Station Vol.12 2003
2003 David Willavoys Unwillingly to Australia Vol.11 2002
2002 John Dixon, M. Phil. Walton House & the Cartlands Vol.10 2001


Janet Devereux, B.A. Glimpses into the Tewkesbury House of Industry, 1832-1850 Vol.9  2000
2000 Bill Camp & Derek Round 91 Church Street and J.M.W.Turner Vol.8  1999
1999 David Willavoys Thomas Collins Vol.7  1998
1998 John Dixon, M.Phil. The Oxford Movement in Gloucestershire Vol.6  1997
1997 Colin Wicken, M.A. 77 Barton Street  Vol.5  1996


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