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Contributors publish their research on aspects of local history; has been produced annually since 1992.

Digital Articles

Individual articles from Bulletins 2 to 26 and Bulletin 1 (2nd edition).                                      

Fuelled by Milk

Fuelled by Milk is a new publication that will be available from 19 October 2017, which not only replaces Harry Workman's memoirs vols 1 & 2, but adds a new chapter written by Roger Workman, celebrating the 80th anniversary of Cotswold Dairy. It is in smaller format and has added photos in its 120 pages. 

A Noble Band of Heroes

A history of all those from Tewkesbury who lost their lives because of the 'Great War'.

Literary Tewkesbury

Illustrated anthology celebrating the history of Tewkesbury through literature associated with the town.

(Out of print - digital copy only available)

Doddo Defiled

By John Dixon & Toby Clempson, Doddo Defiled, the controversial history of the re-development of Tewkesbury’s Upper High Street. 

(Out of print - but see Then & Now volume V)


Then and Now 

Anthology of articles published in Tewkesbury Direct newspaper Then & Now Volume V follows the same format as previous volumes but concentrates on the history of the High Street shopping centre (the 'Kremlin').  It is designed to update the second part of Doddo Defiled which is now out of print in a paper edition but can be bought on dvd for those who wish to catch up on Part I written by Toby Clempson on the planning history of the development and also has all the footnotes of the original publication for further rsearch. For this reason, the paper copy is a bumper edition of 36 pages. Surplus proceeds will go to the Friends of Gloucestershire Archives.

Never Has So Much ...

By John Dixon, “Never has so much been owed ...”. A memorial to those of Tewkesbury and district who lost their lives in World War II.                    


A combined book and CD-ROM: Anthony Skelsey, History of Tewkesbury Municipal Cemetery and Mike English, Cemetery Database (contains burial records 1857-1962; cemetery burial plots; Bennett's list of cholera victims).

War Memorial

History of Tewkesburys War Memorial.      

Goodbye Mr. Harrison

By Sam Eedle, an account of the life of Arthur Harrison, a teacher in Tewkesbury killed in World War I. 

1st Railway Station

A short history of the First Railway Station in the High Street. 

(Out of print - digital copy only available)

Historical Briefing Documents

(Only available on CD) Written by John Dixon, they attempt to place relatively recent controversies in the town into their historical context.

HBD1: The Crescent

HBD2: Spring Gardens

HBD3: The Hop Pole Hotel 

Out of print, but can be made available by emailing

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