Woodard Database

This database was inspired by the late Bob Woodard who was our first honorary member. He was following his own lines of research into his home area of 'Gravel Walk' and, to assist this process, he started to record census data on computer. He introduced us to the Idealist software then published by Blackwell’s for scientific purposes. At present, we have about 85,000 records in this database and it is being continually updated. The records can be searched in seconds for that desired nugget of information; the modern equivalent of finding an elusive needle in a haystack! There are now many photographs included. 




You will need to set up a Google Account for yourself to take full advantage of Google Drive search and download facilities - many of you may already have such an account to use things like Gmail.  (However, you can still just view the database without a Google Account.)


On-line access to the Woodard Database is available to THS Members free as a benefit of their membership subscription. 


If you are a THS Member, to gain access to this goldmine of information, email the THS Webmaster, Derek Benson at webmaster@tewkhs.freeuk.com  requesting access. If you are not a member, consider joining the Society if you would like to use our database.


The Woodard Database is also available to use at Tewkesbury Library and you are welcome to join free sessions of tuition in using the database. The sessions, tutored voluntarily by John Dixon, aided by Roy Simmons,  take place between 2.15-4.15 p.m. at the Town Library, Sun Street most Thursday afternoons - now all year round! You need to book an appointment in advance - phone the Library on 01684 293086. 


All due diligence has been taken when compiling the Woodard Database to eliminate any omissions, errors or untruths where humanly possible. The matter of copyright is solely at the discretion of the informant and the Database Editor.


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