Battle of the Somme


On on 1 July 2016 we remember the "most disastrous day in the history of the British Army", the start of the Battle of the Somme. No local units associated with Tewkesbury were directly involved that day. However, the battle(s) lasted for four and a half months and in that time Tewkesbury lost 28 men.


At the beginning of every month we shall add to the website the events of that month as it affected Tewkesbury soldiers.


Because of the Somme, a battle that involved Gloucestershire soldiers has been forgotten - the fascinatingly named Battle of the Boar's Head on 29-30 June 1916. An account of that battle is included below.  


The "Boar's Head"

Somme July 1916

Somme August 1916

Somme September 1916

Somme October 1916

Somme November 1916

18 November 1916

Somme as a long term victory?

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