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World War I Project


Tewkesbury Historical Society received Ł4,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund [HLF] for a project aiming at, “ Researching & Publishing biographies of all those killed in World War I from Tewkesbury”. Led by volunteers from the Society, the project focused on the publication of a book containing biographies of all those who lost their lives in the war together with a narrative history which placed their deaths into the context of the war. One hundred and fifty-four local men have their names inscribed on the War Memorial but some families missed the opportunity of commemorating the loss of their loved ones so their biographies have been added in the published book. The result of the THS project is the book, A Noble Band of Heroes, published in November 2015.


The project enabled the public and students of Bredon School to discover significantly more information about the victims of war beyond a mere entry on a war memorial. Year 9 students at the school study the First World War as part of the National Curriculum and they mounted an exhibition of their work at the Hat Shop. The whole aim was to raise awareness in the community and to encourage citizens to bring forward much more information. The Bredon School students visited the Imperial War Museum for the exhibition dedicated to telling the story of this war.


Head of HLF South West, Nerys Watts, said: “The impact of the of First World War was far reaching, touching and shaping every corner of the UK and beyond. The Heritage Lottery Fund has already invested more than Ł15million in projects large and small – that are marking this global centenary; with our new small grants programme, we are enabling even more communities like those involved in this project from Tewkesbury Historical Society to explore the continuing legacy of this conflict and help local young people in particular to broaden their understanding of how it has shaped our modern world.”


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